Gotta Say It: I’m Sick of Fashion Bloggers

by Marla Nease Gilbert

Gotta Say It: I’m Sick of Fashion Bloggers

While getting my daily dose of social media, I was once again subjected to a colleague with yet another post linking to her fashion blog. The contemptible intro said something to the effect of, “Look at me in my snow bunny outfit!” (The excessive use of exclamation points has got to stop. Please.) I’ve decided to finally just come out and say what needs to be said.


Fashion bloggers really bug me.


Years ago, when I first started working in fashion as a writer and a stylist, I asked a colleague for a list of recommended fashion blogs. What I expected was a list of inspirational, well-written blogs from people who had far more training than I did. What I got was a list of blogs with a series of pictures of the blog owner wearing various outfits from Forever21, H&M, and the like. Almost every single one of them had variations of the same pictures: blog owner staring faraway into the distance, blog owner jumping, , and blog owner looking longingly down at the ground for some unknown reason.


Sadly this “look at me!” type of blog isn’t just a flash-in-the-pan. The most popular fashion blogs today are ones that exhibit absurd narcissism. Case in point? Last week, fashion bloggers took to a New York Fashion Week runway in the first-ever all-blogger runway show, hosted by interactive fashion site Polyvore. Many of the blogs featured contain nothing more than a series of outfit photos, yet they’re lauded as the future of fashion.


Anyone can dress in mass-produced items from a chain store. It’s not a crime against humanity; however, it’s not necessarily art either. Emulating a style originally conceived in a boardroom by a team of visual merchandisers does not mean you have style. It simply means you can buy things.


The truth is, if you know enough about fashion to have a fashion blog, then you should already know how to dress. (In fact, everyone gets dressed in the morning. Putting on clothes and taking self-portraits does not qualify you as an expert.) Why not show us how the world of fashion inspires you in a clever, well-written way instead of doing the same thing everybody else is doing?


It would be amazing to see more blogs with individuality. And it would be even better if we could tone down on the use of exclamation points.