From Gowns to Greens: A Click Fix

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From Gowns to Greens: A Click Fix

Because happiness is always just a quick click away…

Going Bridal.
Shopping for certain big ticket items online (furniture, cars, diamonds) requires the type of nerve I had as a child: running down the high dive of my local pool and doing a cannonball and praying my ruffled two-piece would stay in place. In other words—straight up courage. When I became engaged, it was easy to buy napkins or cake toppers online, but a dress … (gulp) that’s just way too iffy. Still the prices at bridal salons were a cold splash of water in the face. Anything with four digits on the price tag brings out the Guerra bargain hunter in me. I was determined to find designer dress within three digits.

Then I stumbled onto the Web site BridePower.com. Run by the consignment store VOWS in Massachusetts, they offer well-known designer dresses (Maria, meet Vera) and yet, the prices are all reasonable. The “Mega Markdowns” section makes the deal even sweeter, and yes, it fits my three-digit budget. Finally, I clapped eyes on a Carolina Herrera dress that I had to have. I was prepared to take the plunge, but then I realized heroic high-dive courage wasn’t needed. The dress fit like a dream when it arrived—but if it hadn’t, their simple return policy would have made all right with the world.  

Turning Over a New Leaf.
Deathbed confessions in movies usually involve some scandal of sorts: a secret love affair or a murder most foul. Certainly, I’d have to confess to several killings … of plants that is. Each spidermum that goes out with the trash is another mark on my record—which is so unfair because I honestly adore them. They warm up a room, bring in useful oxygen, and last a lot longer than cut flowers. But I’m not terribly good at watering them. I don’t seem to have this problem with my cats—maybe if my plants meowed for water it would be different. So I’ve been leading a plant-free lifestyle … until now. Succulents, with their trendy California-cool look, have saved the day. They require little care and look freaking fabulous. The Web site GoSucculent.com has a huge variety of succulents. Everything from rosy-tipped, floret types to spiky cacti are sold at a cheap price and shipped to your door. Consider me a reformed woman.

So Red-Hot It’s Green.
There are things you can do for the environment that are not so fun. Take shorter showers, walk everywhere, reuse all your plastic bags. I still do them and imagine somewhere in the universe, I’m getting a little gold foil star next to my name. But then there’s the Beklina, a three-women operation who make fair-trade clothing with organic materials. Looking through their Web site, full of laid back, throw-an-old-Cat-Stevens-LP-on style (Read: vintage-prints blouses and cheerful wooden necklaces) you realize you can get your gold foil star and look smart too!

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