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Grandpa’s Duck Boots Are Cool Now

A recent spike in sales of duck boots, those unwieldy rubber-soled hunting boots that have been around since the dawn of time, affirms—once again—that Grandpa knows best when it comes to fashion. AP reports that LL Bean’s sales of the iconic boots have grown from 150,000 pairs four years ago to 400,000 last year, with projected sales of 500,000 for this year, thanks in part to their newfound popularity on college campuses. It’s unclear why the kooky kids have turned to the utilitarian footwear; maybe the boots’ rugged adaptability appeals to a generation coming of age during the worst recession in umpteen years (they are bracing for the figurative elements, get it?) or maybe we are all missing Sarah Palin’s outdoorsy Alaskanness during this ho-hum election season, and this is our collective bat signal to bring back the crazy and spice things up. Either way, we like the trend. Do you?

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