Great Gifts = Happy Families

by admin

Great Gifts = Happy Families

I’m acutely aware of the pressures of present picking (my family is not shy!) and I like to shop hard to produce that lump-in-the-throat reaction. That said, there are only so many store hours in a week, only so many meaningful gift moments I can produce, and only so many elves I can bribe.

So, to avoid pre- and post-present-picking stress disorder (as well as impulse buys and excess spending), I start with a master think list. Here it is, so far:

Luxury-Lovin’ Mama
Unique piece of jewelry
At-home spa
Cashmere turtleneck dress

Fanatic Dad
Of-the-Month Club—wine, indie movies, puzzles, meat …
Archived baseball articles, printed out and bound
Roadtrip grill

O (Big) Brother Where Art Thou
Gadget-carrying backpack

Slick rain jacket
Solio Solar charger

Bachelor Brother
Hipster tee
Turkish shave certificate
Table tennis table with scorer

Harried Sis
Spa day
Ionic crystal Himalayan salt bowl lamp with massage balls
Glam mag subscription

My Gorgeous Granny
Digital photo frame
Cashmere-lined leather gloves
Exotic teas and accessories

My New Nephew
Classic baby literature
Maximum plush baby blankie
Lullaby relaxation machine

Not-So-New Nieces
Illustory create your own book
Karaoke machine
Wild woolly tights

Troubled Teens
Funky slipper socks
Hand bound journal
EcoSphere pod

Printed silk scarf
Fragrant French soaps
Audubon singing clock

Thrill-Seeking Aunty
Boxing gloves
Noise-canceling headphones
Adventure day—bungee jumping, rock climbing, or sailing class

Foodie Friend
Delivery of locally-grown organic produce
Revolving pizza oven
Pastry-making class

Fit Friend
Mini stepper exerciser
High tech windbreaker
Healthy cookbook

Pregnant Pal
Body pillow
Wood barrel ice cream maker
Pregnancy journal

Cubicle Mate
Holiday smencils
Cardboard mounted deer
Framed mantras

The Hostess with the Mostest
Prettily-packaged candles
St. Judes Hospital ornament
Spa eye pillow