Group Gifting 2.0: Holiday Buying in a Tough Economy

by admin

Group Gifting 2.0: Holiday Buying in a Tough Economy

The state of the economy is making it more challenging to have a fruitful and happy holiday. During times like this, quality can go down simply because many cannot afford the higher-end gifts that they are used to giving. 
One solution is group gifting. Instead of a few people giving small gifts, that same group combines their resources to buy fewer but more prominent gifts. In the end, the result is usually much more satisfying for everyone involved. 
Big-ticket items such as those found at Macy’s, Circuit City, and the Apple Store have always been favorite sources for gifts, but the economic challenges make it more difficult to give these popular items. Most people are tightening up their budgets. While the solution is to pool money together to buy group gifts for parents, bosses, friends, and family, there are hassles involved. 
Making the calls to find out who is “in” can make it difficult. Once you know who is in, collecting the money can be a nightmare. Group Gifting Web sites take the trouble away and make the entire experience much better. eDivvy.com allows the organizer to select the people who may want to be involved. They are then emailed. If they want to be part of the group gift, they make a contribution to the gift event using eDivvy.com. Once the money is collected, the gift is either shipped to the organizer or directly to the recipient. Simple. 
Here are some examples of group gifting versus individual gifting to demonstrate the difference:

  • Twelve employees could spend $15 each on gifts for their boss, or they could get her an Apple iPod nano 8 GB. 12 Gifters equals $11.25 each
  • Five siblings could buy their mother $30 gifts, or they could get her a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30. 5 Gifters equals $30 each
  • Eight friends could buy their buddy $20 gifts, or they could get him a Michael Kors Men’s Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch. 8 Gifters equals $20 each 
  • Twelve kids and grandkids could get their grandparents $90 gifts, or they could get a Coleman 6000 Series Stainless Steel Grill 

Group gifting isn’t for everyone. Some people want a more personal approach. Then again, the “wow factor” of a big gift is irreplaceable, regardless of how many little gifts a person receives.