Halloween Costumes Just a Wig Away

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Halloween Costumes Just a Wig Away

Imagine Twiggy with long, curly brown hair. Think of Audrey Hepburn with a red bob or Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie with a black pixie cut. It’s sort of frightening, isn‘t it?

Of course, who’s to say that any of them wouldn’t have gone down in history as fashion icons even with different hairstyles? But, then again, who’s to say they would have? A big part of what made these women famous was, of course, their beauty, intelligence, and talent, but it was also the way they wore their hair. Lucky for us, these wigs and hair extensions make it easy to capture the unforgettable style of some of history’s greatest icons this Halloween.


Cleopatra Wig With Headband, $14.99 Partycity.com

With this sleek, structured hairstyle you’ll look just like the Ptolemaic Dynasty’s most famous member and be more than ready for your next shift at the pyramid.


SHE by SO.CAP.USA Clip-in bang extensions www.socapusa.com

A quick transformation to bangs, a mod shift, some heavily-lined eyes, and a look of forlorn is all you need to recreate the “face of ’66”.

Audrey Hepburn

American Geisha Wig, $17.95 costumekingdom.com

With just a little black dress and an updo to die for, Holly Golightly peered into the storefront window and people everywhere went nuts. Now you can take your turn as one of the most famous cinematic stars.

Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie

SHE by SO.CAP.USA clip-in ponytail extension, www.socapusa.com

Go ahead, let your midriff show–yes, even your belly button because it’s 2012, not 1965–and live out your fantasy of playing that most famous 2,000-year-old jeannie who sleeps in a bottle.

Jackie Onassis

Deluxe Brown Classic 50’s Flip Wig, $19.70 Amazon

If you’ve watched the House of Yes anytime in the recent past, I’d be willing to bet that you’ve been strategizing how to best pull this one off. Just think: simple dress (preferably pink, of course), gloves, pearls, and completely coiffed.