Hats Off To These 12 Stylish Summer Toppers

by admin

Hats Off To These 12 Stylish Summer Toppers

Sun protection can sometimes seem like a hassle. First there’s like three types of sunscreen (face, lips, body) and then you have to reapply what seems like every five minutes. But sun protection that justifies a new accessory purchase and looks totally chic? That’s one we can get on board with. So we found 12 cute hats—from floppy hats to fedoras to baseball caps—that will not only protect your pretty face, they’ll make your outfit as well!


Floppy Hats
There aren't many wardrobe tips I'd take from the Sex and the City character Samantha, but that big floppy hat she wore in the first movie is an exception. Straw floppy hats are always on my summer shopping list—they're perfect to wear at the beach or pool. Not only do floppy hats protect your face from the harsh sun, they make it ten times easier to read that book you brought. If you want full-out glamour, try wearing a black floppy hat with a sexy black bikini.

Fedoras are probably the most versatile option of our three summer hat picks. They come in myriad colors with all types of accents—we especially love the natural straw fedoras and white fedoras for summer, and the wide-brim fedoras will obviously give you a little more shade over your face. Pair this casual hat with denim shorts and a striped tee or a cute tank dress for a fail-proof summer outfit.

Baseball Caps
If you haven't taken a stab at the luxe sport trend, I encourage you to pick up a baseball cap and see what all the fashionable fuss is about. A leather or plain baseball cap is a chic alternative to the ratty, sports-emblazoned hats laying in your guy's closet. Pair one of these with a feminine sundress for a perfect balance. There are also tons of patterned and designer baseball caps that will add major style points to a simple jeans-and-tee combo!