Hemline Rules for Every Type of Pant

by admin

Hemline Rules for Every Type of Pant

If you’re like me, you’ve thought long and hard about how to have your favorite new pants properly hemmed. If the hem is too long, can I still wear them with flats and not look sloppy? Can I wear my wide-leg jeans, that are hemmed for my flats, with my new clogs? Is it OK to roll up my skinnies instead of cutting them? Here are just a few basic rules on how to make sure your hem length is flattering for every cut.

Wide-Leg or Bell

This style needs a hem that almost skims the floor–the operative word here being almost. Some will argue that if the bottoms drag a little, it just wears them out to look that much cooler. I disagree. Unless you’re going to Coachella (where beat-up denim is practically a prequisite for entry) avoid destroying the hem of your jeans, if not to avoid the obvious wastefulness of ruining a perfectly good pair of wide-leg trousers, then to avoid looking like a slob.

Straight Leg
Straight pants are, by nature, a very clean and preppy style, which means they look best when hemmed or rolled to a crop length and worn with a classic pair of pumps or flats. If you feel you must wear them full-length, the hem should hit about an inch from the floor.

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the skinny jean is that you can get more than one hemline, making it easier to wear with most any type of shoe or boot (or sneaker). You can roll them up to a cropped length; you can leave the hem about an inch from the floor so that it hits just at your ankle; or you can tuck them into either your ankle boots or your favorite over-the-knee boots.

As the name implies, bootcut jean is designed for a boot to be worn underneath. When hemmed so the pant is almost hitting the floor (like the wide-leg style) with just a hint of your boot is showing, you get a sexy silhouette. We’re not seeing a ton of bootcut’s for fall, but that doesn’t mean they need to stay in your closet. Just update the cut by switching out boots for a pair of leopard-print pumps.  

One last tip: To get the most precise alterations, always bring the shoes you plan on wearing with your pants to the tailor.