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H&M Braces for Versace Hysteria, Issues Shopping Rules

Anticipating that shoppers will turn into rabid, neon-hungry zombies once Versace hits the shelves at H&M, the store has released ground rules for the collection’s debut on Saturday. The first 280 people in line will be broken into fourteen groups of twenty and will be allotted fifteen minutes of shopping time. To prevent the zombies from stocking up on items and then going home and posting them on eBay for a profit (like they did with Target’s Missoni collection in September—these are particularly cunning zombies), each customer will be allowed to purchase no more than two pieces per product. Customers who want to browse the men’s collection, however, will have no restrictions imposed on them. Likely because H&M has seen the men’s collection and realizes that most shoppers will be avoiding it like the plague. (Via Fashionista)

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