Holiday Travel: A Click Fix

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Holiday Travel: A Click Fix

‘Tis the season to be jolly—and to squirm in seat 38C for five hours. Holiday travel can be a drag, so I’m online again, shopping for ways to make the phrase “Enjoy your flight” sound a little less facetious.

Fasten Your Seatbelt to Spa Land

The single worst aspect of airplane travel is that you’re strapped to a chair for huge stretches of time, scissoring your legs in front of the tray table to relieve soreness, and trying not to nudge your seatmate who you’ve been playing “capture the armrest” with for the greater part of the flight.

One of my tricks to improve uncomfortable experiences is mentally taking a trip to the spa. Tip the chair back, blast your face with the air nozzle (it does feel surprisingly similar to those $300 oxygen facials), and dab on Origins’ A Perfect World. Chockablock with white tea, bergamot, and orange, it’s probably the most nutritious substance your body will absorb while traveling. (I’m talking to you, peanut pack!) Bonus points: the scent will calm any upset stomachs during turbulence.

Longer flights may require a little more concentration––and product––to reach that zen state. Luckily, the This Works Travel Kit comes with everything but the spa table to help me air-spaaaaah. The kit includes a turbo balm to keep my lips hydrated, a soothing eye serum, a rich lotion for my face and body, an essential oil blend for antiseptic relief, and a refreshing spray for the face. It even comes with a calming inhaler for those flights when I’m sandwiched between the arguing couple and behind the overtired kids.

Don’t Forget Your Passport … and Your Socks

One thing I never seem to remember about flying is that the airplane cabin gets cold. I’m talking movie-theater cold. Considering most flights last longer than a screening of the Lord of the Rings (without the warming distraction of Orlando Bloom), it’s a serious discomfort. Rather than suffer the bemused look of the flight attendant as I wrap an airplane blanket around my feet, I’m springing for some cashmere socks from Banana Republic. At $18.50, they’re cashmere for a song, and their bunny-soft coziness will keep my feet from getting chapped and Hobbit-like.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone (but Keep Your iPod On)

Every invention has its golden era. Some, like the era of the inflatable U-shaped neck pillow, have come and gone. Thank goodness. In my expert Golden-era-defining opinion, this is the golden era of the audio book. “Well, that’s just daft,” I hear you say. I know, I know, audio books have been around forever. Maybe you even have memories of giant plastic cases with ten cassette tapes snapping into rectangular grooves. But now with digital audio books, you have the same eight hours of entertainment without any of the bulk. Right after I’ve booked my flight, I hit Audible.com and pick out a few titles. It’s lighter and more environmentally friendly than a stack of magazines; it won’t contribute to airsickness the way reading paperback can; and best of all, you won’t get judgmental looks from your seatmate for busting out Danielle Steel. 

Prepare for Taking Off, and Coming Down with Something

It’s easy to pick up a bug when packed in with sneezing passengers in tight cabin quarters (or when we insist on wearing a lamé miniskirt to the holiday party). The Airborne rescue is not news. Every other passenger plops these little tabs into their water as prevention from the post-plane cold. The trouble is I find Airborne rather disgusting. The idea of flavored Alka-Seltzer isn’t very appealing, and all the vitamins rise up to settle at the top of your glass like orange pond scum. But the makers of Airborne have won me over with their new Power Pixies. They’re like sweet sugary Pixie Sticks, but they deliver a super dose of vitamins A, C, and E in every paper sleeve. I know what you’re saying, “Doesn’t that package say ‘For Kids’?” Well I just wrap your silk eye mask around the part of the box.

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