The Hostess With the Mostess

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The Hostess With the Mostess

The bar is stocked. The cookies are baked. And you have enough cheese and olives to feed the entire neighborhood for the next week. Now, all you need is to figure out what the hell you’re going to wear.

Your Shoes

Unless you’re planning on wearing your bathrobe and sipping White Russians, it’s probably not a good idea to be scooting around in your old shearling slippers. But if cute and comfortable is really what you’re after (it’s what I’m usually after), these adorable little mouse slippers are perfect. A tad out of your budget? Yes, but they’ll have everyone clamoring in delight.


Your Top
Between the throngs of people and the heat from your oven, your house is likely to be nice and toasty. So, remember to wear something on top that breathes. This ultra sheer, A-line tunic with a slouchy turtleneck will keep you looking sexy and sophisticated.

Your Pants
Velvet is one of those fabrics that really is only right during the winter months. So instead of wearing your go-to black denim skinnies (again) why not revel in the glory of your fantastic fete in a pair of cozy velvet leggings.

Your Jewelry
You gotta love Claire’s. Balance out the sparkle on your feet with a little on your ears with these dazzling (and very affordable) hoops.

Your Nails
Go easy on the makeup tonight. Just add pops of color to your lips and nails.


Your Hair

Photo courtesy of fameflynet.com

Finish your party look with a loose, high bun.

What's left now? Move your coffee table to the bedroom, kick out the jams, and start cutting up the rug.