How correctly choose jewellery

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How correctly choose  jewellery

The only thing that separates as from the animals
is the ability to accessorize.

Robert Harling

Imagine that you had different outfit for each day of the year. You would need ten walk in closets just to get through the week. This days, our live is so hectic and so divers that average woman has to be a kind of fashion sources. From a modest closets of basics she must couture outfits that are comfortable, stylish, flattering, and appropriate in any number of situations. It can be made much easier and much more fun with the help of jewellery.
With the drop of an earring, a woman can transform the look and feel of single outfit.
I think, for example black jersey – a calf-length dress, say.
• Add hoop earrings, an armload of bangle and a fun jingling necklace, and you are ready for day of shopping and bite Mexican food.
• Try cascade of pearls. Voila! Your table is ready, your champagne is chilled for the evening.
• Using a single long pendant and pair of coordinating clips, you would prepare for big day at the office, than PTA meeting.
• What about a gold link necklace and pair of cuffs, you are ready for casual luncheon .
• Transform your dress in to party clothes by adding a glittering assortment of coloring gemstones; you are prepared for holyday time.

One simple dress becomes five entirely different outfits. You are sources, and jewellery is our magic wand.