How to Look Ten Years Younger

by admin

How to Look Ten Years Younger

1. Stop smoking everything. If you think that nicotine and tar will ruin your lungs but weed won’t you are nuts.

2. Don’t drink coffee, or use caffeine in any form … no chocolate.

3. Don’t drink carbonated beverages.

4. Eat only small amounts of chicken turkey. Eat lots of fish of all kinds except those subject to mercury poisoning (swordfish, some varieties of tuna; check for others). Learn to use tofu in your diet as a meat substitute. Shop often at the fresh produce department of your supermarket, and get serious about learning to cook a large variety of vegetables. Try vegetarian recipes that sound good.

5. No bread. Eat grains by eating whole-grain cereal, and use only skim (fat free) milk.

6. Eliminate fat from your diet. Doing so will create alot less fat on your body, which will mean there that is a lot less of you to move around when you begin #7.

7. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Walk often (try ten minutes of walking three times per day), and buy a good basic body exercise DVD and use it several times per week. Also check on the Internet for free instruction on how to use free weights and incorporate them into exercising your basic muscle groups. Remember using free weights is based on RESISTENCE, which can be one pound with one person and ten pounds with another. Start by using canned goods as weights before purchasing weights.

8. Drink a lot of water that is non-carbonated and is good water. Substitute water for other beverages at meals. When you start drinking more water your body will begin to desire more water.

9. Pretend you have Botox in your face (even if you don’t) and don’t move your facial muscles. Stay as relaxed as possible as you go through your day because getting angry and heavy-duty emoting can be arch enemies of looking good.