How Low Can You Go … Retail Therapy!

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How Low Can You Go … Retail Therapy!

I didn’t get a chance to go clothes shopping after Christmas—bummer. But, never fear. Because of the state of the economy everywhere at present, shoppers have bountiful supply of everything at REBAJAS (sales) prices, even till February or March according to some sources.

Years before, on the 27th or 28th of December when the workforce are back to work after the Xmas break is the beginning of the sales in parts of Spain. Many of the stores all over Spain have the really big sales starting then—it was a rush to the shops grabbing at anything that looked interesting or funky, try it on at home or until you have no spare arm-space to get anything else. Many husbands do wait outside the shop, twiddling their thumbs; there are also many other husbands and boyfriends that help the other half—manic shop for bargains. Fine, except that there are now more people in the shop taking up space, a deterrent for some but the more determined. Queues of shoppers waiting patiently to pay for their purchases, snaking out the main door sometimes!

There are bargains everywhere at the moment! Very close to us (in Elche) is Centro Commercial L’Aljub (a shopping centre) as well as El Corte Ingles, newly opened in Nov. 2007 called Centro Commercial Cuidad de Elche at the next roundabout.

Slightly further towards Alicante, is Centro Commercial. PlazaMar2, and Centro Commercial Gran Via, both Alicante shopping centers (among others) and they have good sales.

Clothes shopping could be an all day affair, more like than a couple of weeks shopping, and certainly more than two or three hours … to me at any rate. Back in London, during the sales, I’ll be the one who spends Saturdays going from to store to store checking out the bargains, or every lunchtime going from the top to the bottom of each shopping street.

We thought to take a look at what bargain could be had at 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent, … even at 70 percent. What a choice! You take your pick at what looks good and complements your wardrobe … or just go wild for a naughty little number for Valentines Day, Easter spring couture, hot and sultry summer in the tropics or coolly chic and slinky autumn fashion—it’s all up to you.

There are many stores in Elche that one can purchase very good brands at more than reasonable prices. Elche is a microcosm of Alicante and has the brand names as well as one-off boutiques for edgy little numbers. Even the Saturday and Monday market in Santa Pola has some cracking bargains, even false-fur jackets and coats. Seeing that first off many years ago, was perhaps strange to say the least (like fur-edged leather jackets in Greece!); but we now know that being in the continental Spain, it does get cold, maybe not in Santa Pola on the coast in the Costa Blanca, but they always seem to have a veritable heaven of snow for the kids to go sledding (toboganning) when the schools have to shut for the day, in Madrid during the harsher winter months.

So… what have I bought? That would be telling! 

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