How to Pick The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

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How to Pick The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Let's face it, some of us need glasses to be able to function as human beings. Even though you need a little extra vision help, it's not hard to see how your face shape can help you pick out the perfect set of frames. Don't worry, your eyes got you.

Everyone knows eyes are the windows to the soul, and some of us get the special privilege of rocking glasses thanks to the gene pool. While poor vision is never in style, fashionable frames based on your face shape certainly are. While every face is indeed unique, there are four distinct face shape categories you must know about in order to pick the perfect pair of frames for your peepers. To find out yours, simply trace your face in the mirror with a washable marker or eyeliner and keep the predominant shape in mind as you shop around for glasses. See what we're saying? Let's figure out what frames suit you best.

1. Oval Face Shape


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  • Is this you? Oval face shapes are the most symmetrical of all the major face types, with slightly defined jaw lines and a forehead slightly larger than your chin. Oval faces can rock most hairstyles, and thankfully the same rule applies to your eyeglasses.
  • Your Celeb Twins: Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Emma Watson
  • Here's what to wear! You can really go for any shape or style you want, so why not try a daring frame? Go for prints and angular designs everyone else wishes they could rock. You're welcome.
  • Try: Prada Eyeglasses PR 21 SV, $270 at www.lenscrafters.com.

2. Heart Face Shape

  • Is this you? Heart-shaped faces are blessed with relatively wide foreheads and narrow chins, thus the heart shape. Most heart faces have widow's peaks, but not all. Finding the right balance in your eyeglasses is crucial if this is your face shape.
  • Your Celeb Twins: Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift
  • Here's what to wear! You should be trying on frames slightly wider than your forehead with plenty of detail to accentuate your eyes. Two-toned glasses create a fun contrast for your lovely face shape!
  • Try: Warby Parker X Tyler Oakley Stockton Eyeglasses, $95 at www.warbyparker.com.

3. Square Face Shape


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  • Is this you? If you've got a jawline for days, you might have a square face shape. Most square faces have equally wide foreheads, cheekbones and a very defined jawline. Your angular features look best when accentuated by softer, rounder frames.
  • Your Celeb Twins: Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Leighton Meester, Lady Gaga
  • Here's what to wear! Pick a set of frames with rounded edges to soften your face. You can go for the Harry Potter glasses and completely take everyone away by magic!
  • Try: Joseph Marc Eyeglasses 4137, $85 at www.coastal.com.

4. Round Face Shape


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  • Is this you? Round faces are, well, round. Your face's symmetry is practically perfect, your jawline is not particularly angular and the width and length of your face are virtually the same. You'll want some loud, edgy and rectangular frames to flaunt your features. 
  • Your Celeb Twins: Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis
  • Here's what to wear! Invest in square-shaped or rectangular eyeglasses to enhance your face's circular appearance. The angular qualities of such frames will add a pleasing contrast to your already pretty face.
  • Try: Cambridge Matte Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses, $32 at www.eyebuydirect.com