How to Style Over-the-Knee Boots

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How to Style Over-the-Knee Boots

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over-the-knee boots are hot right now! Whether it’s celebrities, bloggers, or your best friend, you can find just about anyone opting for this longer shaft style. Seeing as though I was not blessed in the long leg department, I’m a bit more reserved when it comes to the trend, but if you have the legs for it, I say dive in! I’m all for a trend that keeps you warm without sacrificing style.

Over-the-knee boots were once synonymous with Pretty Woman, but thankfully their respectable and stylish reputation has returned. OTK boots can be done in a chic and refined way. One of the tricks to making over-the-knee boots work is to find the right height and proportion to flatter your body. Make sure to pay attention to shaft height and circumference. You don't want one too tight or one that shallows your legs. Taller women need to wear a longer shaft height to ensure the boots hits properly just above the knee.  Petite women like myself need to find a boot with a shorter shaft height to avoid the over-the-knee style turning into a thigh-high boot.

Photos (l to r): Helena of Brooklyn Blonde, Julia of Lemon Stripes, Kattanita of With Love from Kat

When it comes to styles OTK boots, don’t over think it. They're so similar to regular boots in that they can be dressed up down. You can go glam like Helena from Brooklyn Blonde with fun leather shorts and a sweater, or go casual and comfortable like Julia from Lemon Stripes in flat boots and tights. Over-the-boots can even be styled in a more polished way like Kattanita from With Love from Kat with a structured blazer and skirt for a meeting or dinner with the in-laws. Pretty versatile, right?

Regardless of how you style your over-the-knee boots—miniskirts and skinny jeans are my favorite combos—I promise you’ll get just as much wear out of them as you would with any other pair of boots. The added bonus: They’ll give your outfit that extra wow factor!

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