How to Untangle a Necklace

by admin

How to Untangle a Necklace

No one can say they have a completely tangle-free jewelry box. No matter how hard you try, something always seems to get tied, twisted, or turned around. Let’s face it, even though we may have become masters at avoiding this from happening too often, we can’t always avoid tangled necklaces and learning how to untangle a necklace is never simple. When the unavoidable happens and you feel the frustration boiling in your veins, take a deep breath, sit down, and try some of these tips for untangling jewelry to make it less painful of a process.

First and foremost, it’s not going to be easy. Especially when you have a big mess of several necklaces tangled into one ball of chains. Don’t kid yourself, it’s going to be a fairly time consuming project. Save it for a rainy day or when you have some time to commit to sitting down and focusing on tangled necklaces. It can be a really relaxing activity if you like solving puzzles or doing mazes. Try thinking of it as a 3D puzzle that needs to be figured out.

Give Yourself Lots of Room:
When you pick up that infuriating tangled mess, first instinct may be to try untangling it right where you are or by the nearest place you can sit down. Make sure where ever it is you start untangling necklaces, you have a large space of table cleared. This is really helpful when you start getting chains loose and need to set them down. Setting them down on your lap or other items laying on the table just confuses things more. Having a clear workspace allows you to easily see what you’re working with and see how much you’ve gotten done.

You Will Have to Re-tangle to Untangle:
A lot of people tend to hold on to one end, usually the end that was easier to get loose, and refuse to let go. It’s hard work to get an end loose and understandable that you would not want to let that accomplishment go, but you will have to let it get re-tangled sometimes to be able to free it again along with much, much more. It sound counter-intuitive, but it is best practice if you really want to figure out how to untangle a necklace.

Don’t Yank:
Whatever you do, don’t yank the chains! This is not how to remove knots from a necklace chain, it only tightens the knots and makes it harder to untangle. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, put down the jumbled mess and come back to it later. Taking a break will not undo what you’ve done if you leave it on the same cleared surface you’ve been working on.

Important Tools:
Sometimes, if knots are really tight and chains are really small, it can be impossible to pry them loose with your fingers. The best tip for how to untangle a necklace? Use a pin or paperclip to pull the chains apart a little. This will save you lots of time and lots of swear words.

It’s never easy, but if you approach it with this knowledge there might be a little less hair pulling next time you throw your necklaces all in one box.