How To Waterproof Your Shoes

by admin

How To Waterproof Your Shoes

With the warm weather on its way out and the cold, dreary, wet weather on its way in, we ladies need to start taking early precautions and protecting our precious shoes!

After all, nothing ruins a cute pair of heels faster than rain, snow, and salt! So how is a lady supposed to protect her sensational stems?

You waterproof!

Luckily for you ladies, you have options. You could always purchase any old all-weather shoe protector, or you could learn how to waterproof your shoes at-home and save your self some of that hard earned cash money!

I vote the DIY method and the money savings.

And what's even better is all you need is either some Lanolin oil, which can be found at any pharmacy, or natural Beeswax, which can be found at any natural foods store.

Then just follow this quick and easy step-by-step:

Clean Them

Before putting any product on your shoes, you need to wash those bad boys! A clean shoe is a more protected shoe, so make sure you give them a good scrubbing.

Dry Them

Allow your shoes enough time to sufficiently dry because if you start waterproofing your shoes while they are still wet, you run the risk of locking the excess moisture in the fabric, which could cause you a whole whack of problems down the road.

Coat Them

Once your shoes are completely dry, start the process by applying a small amount of either your Lanolin oil or your Beeswax. Rub it in a small circular motion until you have coated your entire shoe.

Once you have completely treating both of your shoes, give them around 6 hours to really let the protectant really absorb into the material and work its magic.

Wear Them

Now that your shoes have been cleaned, dried, and waterproofed, it's time to wear those sexy stilts out! For me, it would either be my Frye Veronica Slouch bootor my current obsession, the Calvin Klein Sandie! Just make sure you repeat this waterproofing process every 3 months or so to ensure they stay looking their very best into summer 2013!

And there you have it! A simple and cheap DIY trick to help you not only waterproof your shoes, but save you some money while doing so!