Ikea: A Love Story

by admin

Ikea: A Love Story

It all started one day when someone mentioned Ikea. I had never heard of it, being from upstate New York (there was no Ikea there when I was growing up). Even after moving to the Midwest, still hadn’t been to one. The person I was talking to raved about it. I knew then, even if I had to drive two hours (four hours round-trip), it would be worth it.

My first trip to Ikea was three years ago. We had gone to Minnesota to visit the famous Mall of America. I knew I had to make a stop at Ikea, which was luckily a few blocks away. As we approached, it looked like a more brightly colored Home Depot. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. But then, we went inside. Huge, huge store. We got breakfast that morning (good value), then started our trek, second floor and then first. Overwhelming, to the say the least. Every type of furniture and style, all at really good prices. A bargain shopper’s dream come true! I was hooked. I wanted to buy furniture but knew I couldn’t get any of it on the plane. I had to settle for candles and kitchen stuff.

My family and I have since been to Ikea three more times, twice to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, store and once to the Canton, Michigan, store. Earlier this year, I got a coffee table and two side tables for under fifty dollars. On this most recent trip, we took my mother-in-law and brother-in-law and they were in awe of it. They could see why everyone talks about it! We had lunch at their cafeteria, I got chicken fingers and fries, really good. I told my mother-in-law to make sure she picked up a pack of cinnamon buns for home. I said she’d regret it if she didn’t. She didn’t heed my advice and after trying one, said she wished she had!

This latest Ikea trip for me was finding organizational stuff for my kitchen. I’ve been planning on organizing my kitchen for a long time and finally settled on the glass containers shown above. I am starting with organizing my baking supplies.

If you haven’t been, make a trip, you will love it!