Impulse: Seattle, WA

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Impulse: Seattle, WA

Though boutiques provide a niche for lesser known designers, it’s still possible for these designers to catch on quickly. Take Tory Burch or Genetic Jeans, both brands started small, but were aided by celebrities in becoming popular with the masses thus infiltrating nationwide department stores.

So where do you go when you are craving something different, something innovative that no one else will have and no one else will know about? Look below ground.

Impulse, a Seattle, Washington boutique run by Jill Wenger, is an underground vault of modern, innovative, and progressive, but incredibly wearable fashion. Cultures in Between, a Web site dedicated to “social discourse of contemporary culture” wrote that Impulse “[curates] highly distinctive womens-wear … for the discerning, culturally aware and intelligent woman.”

I consider myself all of the above and then some, yet I have never been exposed to a boutique with such an eclectic and obscure list of designers. It is fitting that this difficult to find, below ground, boutique features hard to find designers.

A.P.C, Acne, Junya Watanabe, and Future Classic are just a few of the designers and labels that are carried in small quantities at Impulse. If you prefer to check out the designers before heading to the subterranean shop Impulse has a blog and a Flickr account both updated frequently to inform shoppers of new items and different ways to wear them.

Recently featured on the Flickr account was a fierce Caviar colored dress by Acne which I know would suit my small, but tall frame.

I’m not sure how this blouse would fit on me, still, the design and execution of this piece is breathtaking.

Even if this blouse did fit me I would probably have to take out a loan in order to afford it. $500 is a bit steep and though the name of the boutique implies lack of control on the part of the shopper, I’m pretty sure there is little impulse buying occurring.

But if you have the urge to find a boutique that carries high quality unique pieces then check out Impulse, a boutique promoting clothing as an expression of beauty, wit and confidence!

Photos courtesy of Brandhabit