Indian Accessories: An Art

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Indian Accessories: An Art

Fashion is a form of art. Most Indian fashion designers believe this and depict through the fashion they create. In fact, Indian accessories—designer or not—have always been intricately designed. Speak shoes, jewelry, or even handbags, there’s a cultural aspect to all designs. When it comes to beads, trinkets, and sequins, India is the accessory hub. Fashion here is far from the Chanels and Guccis of the world. 

From handbags to shoes and jewelry, the country’s got an independent sense of fashion. That’s probably what inspired Prada to include a Made in India collection, along the Made in Japan and Made in Scotland collections.

1. Handbags: These aren’t your typical leather handbags. They haven’t the chains and the faux furs you’d pay huge bucks for. Made mostly of cloth, they’re intricately designed with gold and silver threads and sequins. Beads and glitter are the thing and if you’re out for a day of casual clothing, it’s the bag for you. A plain tee and jeans are perfect companions to heavily styled Indian handbags.

2. Accessorizing Yourself: You couldn’t do without junk jewelry! Even though the country’s big on the gold and the diamonds, junk jewelry is the fashion of the streets. Beads and stones—all sizes, all colors, are mixed and matched well. Walking past a jewelry stall in India is a feast to the eye; designs you’ve never seen before and colors you ought to fall in love with and all lined up one on top of the other. Silk-threaded bangles are a chic way to add some glamour into an otherwise dull outfit.

3. India is known for it’s exotic shoes and slippers, sequined and intricately designed. They’re ideal with ethnic wear. Group them up with casuals or a pair of plain shorts and it’s a sure shot way to look different. Wear ’em with jeans to the mall or under that white skirt to the Sunday brunch.