An Insurance Policy for Your Gadgets

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An Insurance Policy for Your Gadgets

The last thing you want to hear when your cell phone slips out of your hands? Kerplunk. But it happens. An accidental dunking, a little rain, or a spilled drink can quickly ruin a favorite phone, MP3 player, camera or watch.

 After a soggy mishap, you need a Bheestie Bag. Named after the Indian word for a servant who draws and carries water, the Bheestie Bag is designed to remove moisture from personal electronics. You just drop your device in the bag, seal it, and the Bheestie pulls away the moisture. In fact, it can absorb up to a teaspoon of water. Sisters Karen Wildman and Lisa Holmes invented the Bheestie Bag after waging many battles against damaging moisture from sweat, rain, humidity and spills. The Bheestie can be used everyday to prevent corrosion, or in an emergency if one of your personal electronics gets soaked. It’s designed to last up to a year, depending on how often you use it and how wet your devices are.

Editor Adam Hawes of Eastcoastsnowboarding.com was skeptical at first, but he was won over when his BlackBerry got waterlogged during a snowy hike in Stowe, Vermont, and the Bheestie Bag brought it back to life. “If you rock the hills with an iPod, phone, PDA, etc.—these Bags are almost a necessity. Buy another $400 iPhone or a $20 insurance program in a bag? No brainer, in my mind,” Adam blogged.

So, run with your iPod in your sweaty hand. Go ice skating with a cell phone in your pocket. Use your camera on a kayak. Just make sure you have a Bheestie Bag handy.

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