Jennifer Aniston Style for Less

by admin

Jennifer Aniston Style for Less

Wearing the latest trends and pushing the limits isn’t really her thing, she is, after all, “America’s sweetheart,” but playing it safe has never looked so good. We’re talking, of course, about the incomparable Jennifer Aniston; the woman who influenced a nation to cut their hair a certain way; the woman who makes us all want a yoga body and the woman who can take a simple white t-shirt or a distressed pair of jeans and turn them into must-have garments.

As we said, there is nothing out of the ordinary about what Jennifer Aniston wears. Sure, she takes her chances every now and again (remember the orange dress with the cleavage cutout?) but she isn’t a slave to fashion. She never wears anything that makes her become a caricature of herself. She simply knows what she likes and what looks good on her (and with that body, at over 40, what doesn’t?) and she rocks it!

So, how do you pull off this girl-next-door look? Easy, peasy. Buy staples such as classic white shirts, tank tops in solid colors, a lot of black clothing, some edgy, rocker accessories (aviators, motorcycle boots) and great jeans to get Jennifer Aniston style for less. An affinity for leather doesn’t hurt either. Note: hot boyfriend not included.