Jewelry Trends: 5 Ways to Use Embroidery Floss

by admin

Jewelry Trends: 5 Ways to Use Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss isn’t just for your grandma’s needlepoint projects anymore. It’s a great material for making your own fabulous fashion jewelry, as well as revamping your old, outdated accessories into something fresh and fun. Embroidery floss has been taking the DIY jewelry scene by storm lately, and we’re loving all the awesome ideas we’re seeing out there on the Web and on Pinterest (and here we thought the Web was just for cat videos…). Here are a few different ways you can use embroidery thread to upcycle your tired old pieces into brand new treasures. 

These rhinestone-and-embroidery-floss hybrid jewelry designs have been trending like crazy lately, but I have to say, I’m not sick of them yet! I love how this Glam Rhinestone and Embroidery Floss Necklace uses the floss to bring a bit of softness as well as a pop of color to the piece, while the rhinestones bring a whole lotta glitz to this project party. If you already have a cheap old rhinestone necklace like this one (I knew that tacky prom jewelry was going to come in handy some day!), then all you have to do is braid some embroidery floss, attach the two components, and you’ve got a fresh piece in a matter of minutes.

Have a boring old plastic bangle you want to resuscitate? Breathe new life into that dying bracelet with…(you guessed it) embroidery floss! That’s just what was done with this Woven Embroidery Floss Bangle, and it looks ten times better than it did before. Pick a color palette to suit your style, whether you want something subtle or more sizzling, and then simply wrap the embroidery floss around the old bangle to totally reinvent it.

If you’re sick of wearing the same old silver hoops, turn them into a whole new pair of earrings! These Thread-Wrapped Hoop Earrings used to be a plain silver pair, but now they’re a funky colorful pair thanks to our good friend embroidery floss. Simply use a little clear nail polish to secure your thread as you wrap. Again, this is a great way to add a pop of bright color to your jewelry!

Add some softness to a chunky chain bracelet for a totally new look. The pretty pastel threads used in this Woven Chain Bracelet project have transformed the chain from a cold gold to a warm and bright summer accessory. The weaving technique looks intricate but is really very simple to copy. The embroidery floss does all the work in this innovative upcycling project.

If you don’t have an old piece of jewelry to revamp, then use embroidery floss to create a whole new piece! This Ombre Embroidery Floss Necklace was made by wrapping ombre embroidery thread around basic twine. Simply tie the thread to the twine and then…wrap it up! It’s that simple. Add a clasp and you’re good to go.

Embroidery floss has come a long way since my fifth grade friendship-bracelet-making days. Before you donate those outdated accessories to a secondhand store, see if you can turn them into something totally new and trendy using simple colored thread!

What are your favorite ways to upcycle old items into new treasures?