Jonathan Adler Does Barbie

by admin

Jonathan Adler Does Barbie

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I passed the Sixties-inspired Jonathan Adler furniture boutique in San Francisco yesterday and spotted Barbie in the window. Apparently, Adler has lent his designer eye to the Mattel blond, not just whipping up a geometric print ensemble for her sleek bod, but also an entire collection of furnishings to make her environment Adler-chic.

I went to the Web site advertising the new collection and was tickled by the marketing campaign aimed at “real life Barbies” like you and me:

“What do you get when you pair an adorable diva who thinks pink with a phenomenally talented lifestyle designer who believes in irreverent luxury? A world of fabulousness ala the Barbie-Jonathan Adler Collection! And not just Barbie doll-sized, but fitting a real life doll just like you.”

I’m sold. What grown up gal wouldn’t want a house swathed in Target toy department trappings: The throw pillows with monogrammed B letters and lipstick; The hot pink velveteen bed with matching bench; the mod print chairs that actually lace up in the back like a ballet tutu complete with layers of tulle cascading down the back?

I am a huge fan of Adler’s, or at least was until I saw him appear on the TV reality show, Top Design. I’m not sure if that was the real Adler (the catty bitch who dissed the wanna-be visionary contestants) or the Adler who loves pretty pink tutus and Barbies and who is clinging to the Sixties just like me and my generation of stylists.

I only know I haven’t been able to walk into his mega mod salon ever since seeing him tear apart the rooms of other designers. And I just don’t think a Barbie will draw me in, as much as I’m still lost in Barbie World.

Who are the takers of this new line of Dolly decor? It’s probably even too cheesy for the cheesiest Palm Springs collector of all things Adler.