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To Keep or Not To Keep? That is the Question.

As a student, I find myself in slight financial difficulty. The fact that I can't help but shop, in stores and online. My initial motto was that we only live once, and what if I die tomorrow, live in the now etc. But that isn't so friendly on my bank account, and aside from all this self talk I still feel like I should be saving a little. So I have created a TradeMe account. My plan is to sell the clothes and shoes that have gone out of style, or that I just don't wear, shoes included. I keep changing my sense of style as I am constantly by various people, shows, store collections etc. My new financial plan is to only buy something new once I have sold something old. this way I will be constantly upgrading and updating the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe without it getting overflowed with too many clothes or without my bank account taking a hammering. I am curious to know do others have a plan like this? What other smart shop-a-holic friendly financial plans are out there? How do other ladies that just can't help themselves but splurge more than they can afford on clothes and shoes cope?

Here's to out with the old and in with the new!

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