Keep in Touch

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Keep in Touch

The holidays are here, which means my mouth starts to water for adorable stationary. I don’t know what it is—for eleven months out of the year, my correspondence is limited to cell phone calls and hastily written emails. But come December, something inside longs for the days of snail mail communication. Maybe it’s the flux of cards that suddenly fill my mailbox, or the hoards of adorable cards that suddenly cover the shelves of my favorite boutiques, but I am suddenly unable to resist picking up a few cards and dashing off a note or two to my friends and family.

The way I figure, there are three different cards I need each holiday season:

  • The “Hello, I haven’t seen you in forever but Happy Holidays!” card,
  • The “Merry Christmas, loved one!” card,
  • And the thank you note.

After combing the shelves this past (crazy, crazy) weekend, I decided on a few:

This Merry Merry Card ($12 for 10) from All She Wrote in Lincoln Park (and online) is festive yet utterly simple—not overtly religious, but it still sums up the seasonal sentiment. And because it’s from All She Wrote, the customization queens, you can have the shop use letterpress printing to turn it into a party invitation, a hello-type card, a thank you note, or personalized stationery too.

Now this by Snow & Graham (my absolute favorite for paper goods) is going out to my good friends and family ($12 for 6). The mistletoe is adorably intimate, and the message is just perfect. If this doesn’t tickle your holiday fancy, stop by Virtu in North Damen anyway—the shop’s got the largest selection of Snow & Graham products in the city.

I might geek out about the holidays (no, seriously— it’s borderline problematic!), but not everyone fully embraces the holiday season. For those who shudder at the sight of red and green, I’ll send a simple and sleek card, without any sort of holiday fuss. From The Left Bank in Lincoln Park, my favorite spot for Parisian goods this side of the Atlantic, these vintage-inspired French postcards are perfect for a quick “I’m thinking about you” message, without any Santa’s, snowmen, or reindeer ($16 for 18). Plus I can use them all year long.

And finally, the Thank You note. I’m a firm, total believer in the Thank You note, and keep a drawer full of different cards year-round. For Christmas gifts though, I like to send one that looks at least slightly festive but doesn’t look like a leftover. I love this one from Art Effect: the red envelope is celebratory from the moment you open the card, and I love the simplicity of the design ($16 for 6). But it’s the sweet message I love most: “thanks friend.” What more do you need to say?

Photo courtesy of Store Adore