Kids’ Flash Mob in San Francisco

by admin

The Swedish clothing retailer H&M recently took over San Francisco’s Union Square in an elaborate flash-mob performance in an effort to promote their kids’ clothing line. The troop of fifty-five dancers showed off their moves wearing H&M threads.

In the world of mega-stores, it’s rare to find one with such a cult following as H&M. With over 2,000 locations worldwide, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) can often create a mob just by releasing a new clothing line.

This video shows frantic French shoppers storming into a new store featuring designer Sonia Rykiel’s collection. (Caution, the volume is really loud):

A Long History of Collaborations.
H&M have a long history of creating clothing lines with famous names. Karl Lagerfeld’s H&M line created such a fury, many stores across Europe sold of initial inventories within hours.

Consistent with Karl’s bizarre image, here is the announcement video:

Looking to rekindle some of the Lagerfeld-mania, H&M collaborated with Stella McCartney to create a limited edition line of 40 items in 2005. This proved to be a smashing success, even triggering violence in New York outlets with elbowing, grabbing and overall rude behavior. In Sweden the mannequins were even stripped of all their clothes.

Stella maintains an exclusive image in her H&M commercial:

In 2006 H&M collaborated with avant-garde Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf which enjoyed more regional success. Then in 2007, H&M went collaboration-crazy with Madonna, game developer Maxis,  Italian designer Roberto Cavalli and Kylie Minogue. In 2009 designers Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo featured product lines.

Here is the scene at a Jimmy Choo H&M opening in Frankfurt:

Whether or not H&M can maintain the kind of fury it once enjoyed will be anyone’s guess. In the mean time I appreciate the smaller local events like the San Francisco Flash-mob.