Lana Del Rey: Newest Face of H&M and So Much More

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Lana Del Rey: Newest Face of H&M and So Much More

Lana Del Rey doesn’t think about style—or so she claims. As the singer told Vanity Fair magazine earlier this month, “style was never my forte. It wasn’t something I set out to create.”

But it seems Del Rey, who first gained attention in 2011 when her “Video Games” single became a viral hit on YouTube, is all about style. The way I see it, like any pop star, this self-described “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra has simply invented a persona and is just enjoying playing the part.

Pop stars. You could say that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all. But every once in a while, a gem comes along. Enter Lana Del Rey all done up like a doll—bouffant-topped hair, eyes heavy with liquid black liner, and an unbelievably-full (you know you’re wondering too) pale pout. But then she casually raises her hand to her face to reveal a pair of—what is that? Yep, brass knuckles.

After the, now infamous, January 2012 Saturday Night Live performance, where Del Rey appeared to be a self-parody, she bounced back with a vengeance—with three 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards nominations and being the newest face of H&M. As part of the Swedish fashion label’s 2012 Autumn/Winter campaign, Del Rey’s seductive face is splashed everywhere. She even stars in a David Lynch-inspired commercial, performing her rendition of the 1963 Bobby Vinton hit "Blue Velvet". The commercial, which shows Del Rey in a plushy, pink sweater with matching pink leggings (you may need to look twice to see she’s actually wearing pants), even includes a very Lynch-esque creepy, little man. And, no surprise here, Del Rey is a huge Lynch fan. Lynch told Artinfo in July 2012, “Lana Del Rey, she’s got some fantastic charisma and—this is a very interesting thing—it’s like she’s born out of another time,” Lynch said. “She’s got something that’s very appealing to people. And I didn’t know that she was influenced by me!”

So, what’s next? Del Rey is set to release Born to Die -The Paradise Edition on November 13th. The album is essentially a re-release of her original January 2012 debut-album, Born to Die, but with eight new tracks, including the Rick-Rubin produced single “Ride”. In October 2012, she also revealed to Vogue Australia that she has her eyes set on Hollywood, telling the magazine, "Hopefully I will branch into film work and stay there. That will be my happy place. I'd like to stay in one place for a long time."


In a world chock full of Kim clones and Gaga’s trying to shock, Del Rey is refreshingly original—beautiful and sultry one minute, strange with rich, menacing undertones the next. So, for our sakes, Lana, please keep not thinking about style and just keep being your weird, cool self.