Last, Last-Minute Gifts That Don’t Seem So

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Last, Last-Minute Gifts That Don’t Seem So

It’s Christmas Eve. Dinner is ready, the house is decorated, and the lights are aglow with holiday magic. You are about to relax in the recliner with some eggnog and watch A Christmas Story when you get a call from your brother. He has decided to bring his new girlfriend and he forgot to get her a present—would you mind? Or maybe you are heading out to a party and realize you forgot to get the host a gift. Maybe things have been so crazy, you forgot you have three nephews, not two.

Whatever the reason, you need a gift, you need it now, and all that’s open is Walgreen’s, Bob’s Liquor, and Safeway. Take a deep breath, down the eggnog, and grab your keys. You’ve heard of last-minute gifts? Here are some last last-minute gifts that don’t seem so, well, last minute.

Oh Come All Ye Walgreens

Art Kit for Kids
Grab some stickers, coloring books, crayons, paper, glue, glitter, markers, and throw it together for a kids’ art kit. Find a neat box, decorate it with stickers, and you will have one happy kid.

Activity Kit
You can find crossword puzzles, cards, board games, trivia, dominoes, and more at Walgreen’s.

Family Movie Night
Buy a movie (or two), popcorn, candy, and soda, everything you need for a family movie night. Think of an extra—space heater, fire log, slippers—for the personal touch.

For the Baseball Lover
Put together a package with binoculars, snacks, a copy of Sports Illustrated, and a pillow you can sit on at games and your recipient is ready for Spring Training. Print out some score/stats cards for a nice bonus.

Have Yourself a Merry, Liquored Christmas

Fun with Liquor Bottles
Buy a bunch of mini liquor bottles and tie bows on them. Put them all in a stocking with some aspirin and a bottle of water.

For Adults Only
Grab some booze, lottery tickets, cigarettes, candy, and some “mature” magazines. Presenting it in a brown paper bag will only add to its naughtiness.

Deck the Aisles of Safeway

Oh My God, I Love ____________
Maybe he loves hot sauce; maybe she loves makeup. Whatever the addiction, you can feed it. Fill a box with different kinds of cookies, cheeses, or spa treats to delight the recipient. She might even think you planned ahead.

Slumber Party Kit
This is for the teenage girl (or the teenage girl that lives in every woman). Get some trashy magazines, a mani/pedi kit, junk food, facemasks, and a romantic comedy and you’ve got a fun night. Try to find a Ouija board for the old-school feel.

No Grocery Trip for You
Many Safeway stores deliver to your home now and no one would be disappointed to receive free groceries on the doorstep. Print out all the instructions for the recipient and get a Safeway gift card and you’ll have one happy camper. Safeway also carries gift cards for other stores and restaurants.

If you are down to the wire and are at the gas station, pick up a gas card—no one would frown at that gift. And just remember, with a little creativity and a lot of pressure, waiting until the last minute can actually be a good thing. I’d pick liquor over a sweater any day!