Last Minute Gifts for Dad

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Last Minute Gifts for Dad

So you’ve waited until the last minute and now you’re stressed trying to find the perfect gift for Dad. Don’t fall back on the same old boring gifts. There’s still time to do right by Dad and spare him the bad ties and nasty cologne. We’ve got a few creative gift suggestions to keep you in Dad’s heart (and will).

Action Dad

Brownie points: Nike Golf Camp. Send Dad back to camp and the whole family can come too. Two-day programs include personal instruction to Dad’s ability level from PGA professionals, lunch, and a nine-hole golf lesson.

Thought that counts: Dad can celebrate Father’s Day every day as he flips through his monthly issues of Golf Digest.

Culinary Dad

Brownie points: Treat Dad to something special every month with a delivery of one of his favorite treats—bacon, beer, wine, fruit, nuts, cigars, books, cheesecakes, or even pickles.

Thought that counts: Stock Dad’s freezer for the whole summer with an Omaha Steak Classic Cookout Sampler. Dad gets filet mignons, sirloins, pork chops, scallops, crab, gourmet franks, burgers, and stuffed baked potatoes. Sit back and eat the benefits—Yum!

Jokester Dad

Brownie points: Clocky! Dad will fall out of bed laughing every morning and think of you as he chases this adorable little nuisance around the room. A great way to test his sense of humor!

Thought that counts: The Emergency Toilet will get a hearty laugh—especially if you write your “I love you dad” message on a roll of toilet paper—but you won’t be flushing your money away on a silly gag. By donating an emergency toilet in Dad’s name, you can help prevent the spread of deadly diseases in crisis environments.

Stylin’ Dad

Brownie points: It’s not too late to spell out just how much you care about Dad with a personalized hoodie or T-shirt from Neighborhoodies. Enter DivineCaroline at checkout to receive a 15 percent discount.

Thought that counts: Enlist your little helpers to transform a plain white T-shirt into one-of-a-kind couture using fabric markers from your local arts supply store.

Eco Dad

Brownie points: For only $30, you can donate fifty tree saplings in Dad’s name to struggling farmers across the globe. Dad will feel all warm and woolly when he hears you also donated a sheep to help women in need create their own textiles and income.

Thought that counts: Dad’s a sweetheart with a sweet tooth, so get him a gift of Yachana Jungle Munch, a sweet and fair-trade gift that’s available in a variety of flavors including brazil nuts and coffee, and pineapple-coconut.

Sensitive Dad

Sure, Dad appreciates a fine steak and a good cigar, but the best gifts are still the homemade kind.

Brownie points: Have your children’s best (or worst) artwork professionally framed so he can show it off on his office wall.

Thought that counts: Create something he’ll treasure forever: customize a picture frame or mug at a studio like Color Me Mine.

Commuter Dad

Dads love their wheels. Make his ride to work extra special with a couple of thoughtful perks.

Brownie points: Take the pain out of parking and searching for quarters by getting dad a parking meter debit card. Check your city’s Department of Transportation to see if they’re available.

Thought that counts: Pay a visit to your local car wash and get dad a gift certificate for an extra deluxe car wash.

Cinefile Dad

No matter how great his life is, every Dad likes to escape reality into Dudeville every once in a while.

Brownie points: Deliver Dad from the evil known as chick flicks by delivering him an award-winning independent or foreign film every month from Film Movement.

Thought that counts: Or put some testosterone in his step and treat him to a few of the classics Amazon. Some suggestions: The Godfather, Scarface, The Terminator, Unforgiven, Gladiator, Rocky Anthology, and Letters from Iwo Jima.

Remember, just because your gift is a little last-minute, it doesn’t mean you can’t deliver big for Dad.

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