This Lingerie Brand For Breast Cancer Patients And Survivors Just Made History

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This Lingerie Brand For Breast Cancer Patients And Survivors Just Made History

Ana Ono Intimates is the first lingerie brand to create garments specifically for women who have had a breast cancer-related surgery, and their recent debut at New York Fashion Week was definitely one for the books.

It's no secret that New York Fashion Week always makes headlines, but one particular show stood out this year, and it was for the most inspiring reason. In an historic portion of the Art Hearts Fashion show, 16 models for Ana Ono Intimates, a first-ever lingerie and loungewear brand made specifically for people who have surgeries related to breast cancer diagnoses, strutted down the runway.


All 16 models featured were either patients or survivors of breast cancer, and for the first time in NYFW history, many of them either walked topless or took their clothes off on the runway. Because if you got it, flaunt it.

"I had to remove both my breasts, and decided to rebuild them, but I wasn't prepared for how dramatically my body was going to change," Ana Ono's founder Dana Donorfree told BuzzFeed. "I cried a lot in lingerie dressing rooms after cancer. Every time I was handed an armful of matronly, beige utilitarian bras and left in tears, I promised myself I would never let it happen to another woman again."


While most fashion week shows are invitation-only, the philanthropic-minded Art Hearts Fashion show sold a select amount of tickets to the public and donated all of those proceeds to a New York based nonprofit that provides services to women battling breast cancer, called #Cancerland.



We are totally inspired and in love with Ana Ono's powerful mission. Stay tuned in to its Instagram account and website for updates on the incredible brand!