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Little Pink Shoes

I’ve heard of seeing pink elephants, but lately two pairs of pink pumps are following me everywhere. I bought a black dress with pink polka dots for the upcoming reunion and thought I needed pink heels. I got some online. Big mistake! They fit, and I’m keeping them, but for two weeks now every time I get online, in the side window or in the middle or at the bottom or on top, there are two pair of pink heels from Nordstrom following me everywhere. It’s like a stalker. Advertisers know your every movement, and I’ve had other stuff follow me around before, but these pink shoes mean business. I’m having dreams of these shoes with little pink knives in their little buckles. So, stop already, before I lose my mind and can’t even go to the damn reunion. The sicker part of this story is that I did click on them (just once, OK?), but they were like $200 and they are three-inch heels, which a 5′ 9″ woman does not need especially a 5′ 9″ woman with a bad back! So, get lost, pink shoes!!

Postscript: I discovered that you can go to the top right hand corner of the ad and click a box that will magically make them disappear. So I'm not insane, I'm just dumb!

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