Look What I Bought!

by admin

Look What I Bought!

Oh, boredom. Or is it procrastination? Perhaps it’s simply that early-May malaise that 9-to-5ers experience when winter has dragged on for too long and it’s still weeks to summer hours. Or perhaps it’s that my winter fitness schedule, ahem, never quite made it onto my schedule.

Realizing that it’s probably unwise to all-out exercise after my hibernation, I decided to start warming up with some fierce finger, wrist, and hand exercises known collectively as “online shopping.” True, I could just take a brisk walk in the park and break out the watercolors to shake the blues, but online retail therapy is a faster (and less sweaty) route to an adrenalin rush. Here’s what’s made me happy:


1. Overstock.com Brown Duvet Comforter

At $50, this was a steal. I chose the deep chocolate brown because I was ready for a change in my otherwise blah bedroom. When it arrived, it was slightly shiny (not ideal), but soft and the perfect fit for my duvet. After two washes, it’s a lovely rumpled matte, and I love it even more. Indeed, with my mint-colored sheets, I am positively sleeping in a mint-chocolate-chip bed: my favorite flavor.


2. Luckyscent.com Samples

At $3–$5 each, these samples are always a sweet deal. I chose the following three fragrances whose descriptions struck my fancy:

Calypso Christiane Celle—Chevrefeuille

Comme des Garcons Series 1: Leaves—Lily

Satellite—A la figue!

Luckyscent.com has dynamite user reviews, delicious descriptions, and pages and pages to browse. Samples are sized perfectly for purse or pocket, so luck is just a quick dab away.


3. Bodenusa.com Button Trench

I was ready for a new trench coat (like many New York women, it’s my between-seasons wardrobe staple), and as the weather is finally suggesting a change for the better, I opted for this very affordable ($128) and playful blue trench. When it arrived, I was disappointed to see that the blue of the material was a bit more periwinkle than bad-ass blue, but the fit was so right, the fabric so lush, and the belt and buttons so adorable, that I was easily convinced to keep it. The best part may be that the lining is fresh-cut-grass green.


4. Target.com Leopard-Print Flats

I’ve always loved Isaac Mizrahi, and that he is making hip fashion affordable is just one more reason to adore the guy. I read the reviews for these bargain flats ($29.99) online and found out that they run about a half-size large; I ordered the 8.5s and received them about two weeks later. The perfect fit! I won’t say they’re as comfortable as my Asics, but they certainly do the job for a dinner out or a day at the office—white tank, black slacks, red cardigan, and I’m good to go.


5. Amazon.com Rise & Shine by Anna Quindlen

I’ll admit that the title of the book and the pretty butterflies on the cover may have convinced me that I needed to buy and read this book to beat my late-winter blues. I can tell you for sure now that I correctly judged this book by its cover. Anna Quindlen, a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, captures the magic and the grit of the Big Apple through two sister’s lives. I’m only halfway through, but I’m loving every moment of it!


Now with the sweet smell of fig on my wrists, a new trench on my back, some meow-worthy shoes, and a book in my bag, I’m ready for my invigorating walk in the park. And tonight, I’ll sleep in my dreamy chocolate bed, happy (for now!).