Look Who’s Talking

by admin

You won’t find baby blues or cotton-candy pinks among Phil Rowntree’s creations. Seriously. We looked. His palette starts and ends with basic black. Add a dash of wit, and there you have it: kids’ tees with a refreshingly irreverent style.

Phil prints each Young Punks shirt by hand in Berkeley, California. An artist and a single dad, Phil started making clothes for his son in 2005 when he couldn’t find any kids’ clothes that fit his tastes. Jules and her sons spotted Phil’s hipster T-shirts and onesies at a street fair in Northern California, and the guys just had to get one for their newborn cousin, Killian. They picked a onesie that says “YOU’RE OLD.” We’re also partial to these sassy sentiments: “DO NOT IRRITATE,” “DON’T MESS WITH ME” (paired with a picture of Earth), and “THEY PUSH ME AROUND.”

The printed messages are maverick, but without going overboard. Moms, dads, cousins, and grandparents alike can get a kick out of the Young Punks shirts—and they’ll make the young wearer feel pretty cool too.

You can learn more and purchase these sassy tees here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on DailyGrommet