Lucia Boutique: Saratoga Sprins, NY

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Lucia Boutique: Saratoga Sprins, NY

When I was twenty-one, I was still an aimless college student deciding what major to choose. Lucy Straus was finishing finals at the Fashion Institute of Technology and opening a boutique in Saratoga Springs, New York. Her training at FIT was not the only influencing factor pushing her towards opening a boutique.

Lucia has only been open for two years, but Ms. Straus is a young business owner who has a head start on the education of running a business. Straus’ parents have owned Mabou, a store that sells “furnishings for the well traveled,” for over thirty-five years. From a young age Ms. Straus was exposed all aspects of owning and operating a business, including assisting her mother in buying jewelry and accessories at trade shows.

Her home grown education combined with her instruction at FIT has allowed Ms. Straus to run a business that with “the atmosphere, along with the products, makes a shopping experience at Lucia different from any other.” Lucia makes an effort to carry as many eco-friendly and domestically made clothing and accessories as well as vintage.

Eco-friendly fashion may sound like a trend as bland as tofu, but Lucia’s carries a great line called Sworn Virgins. The garments are primarily 95 percent bamboo and 5 percent spandex and look amazing! Go green in that emerald dress!

If eco-friendly fashion isn’t making you green with envy Lucia’s Boutique still has plenty to offer. Everyone needs great cotton basic t-shirt in his or her life and Lucia’s has it. Flux Nouveau makes 100 percent combed cotton basic tees that feel great and flatter every body type.

And why not accessorize your basic tee with some new jewelry by AVMax. I love it because it’s delicate and simple, but it’s also colorful enough to make a subtle statement.

Which is the exact reason you should head over to Lucy Straus’ young enterprise. It’s colorful, feminine, and thoughtful which will provide your wardrobe with subtle fashion statements.

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