Magnet: Berkeley, CA

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Magnet: Berkeley, CA

Recently at work, my friend and I were drooling over the new “it” designer for our twenty-something age bracket. Charlotte Ronson, sister to the popular musicians Mark and Samantha Ronson, is bringing more fame to the family name through another creative outlet; fashion design. As we shirked our duties to decide when and where we might don our Charlotte Ronson designs we wondered out loud if we were really going to have to pay shipping for her Mariner wedges.             
Those things are sexy, but they look a little on the heavy side.

Fortunately, for my friend and I (and the UPS man who won’t need a dolly to get those wedges up my stairs) we live close to Magnet Boutique in Berkeley, California. Though Berkeley is a tough town to comprehend when you’re from a very fast paced area on the  East Coast (my life has been a modern day Green Acres since I’ve moved here … think Stacey London from TLC’s What Not to Wear moves to Hippie-ville) USA, I commend the area shops for their dedication to local designers and manufacturers which is something the East Coast neglects to think about.

Owner of Magnet, Camille Mason, is another Berkeley shop owner who is excited to vend local designers like Black Label SF and Corey Lynn Calter. Check out this dress by Ms. Calter! Maybe with those Ronson wedges above perhaps?


Mason also sells products from Zooey, a designer label that meshes with Berkeley’s altruism. Zooey donates profits from her line to Healthy Child, Healthy World.

Mason has been quoted saying, “True style transcends fashion” a sentiment her boutique embodies completely. Instead of bulking her store with over-priced luxury items, she carries an assembly of affordable basics like t-shirts. Mason says, “The higher end pieces need to be versatile.” 

Photos courtesy Brandhabit