Make Your Style Statement with Laptop Bags

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Make Your Style Statement with Laptop Bags

Women love carrying laptops in stylish bags, don’t they? How about colorful, funky, and fashionable laptop bags add a whopping oomph to their personalities? Well, the cause of concern is selecting the bag which suits one’s personality indeed! Generally we all start scratching our heads in a bid to prioritize our needs and select which one out of bulk options. We are impressed, we are not unimpressed, but sometimes we just want to stick back to a basic carry case that does the job. Carrying around your laptop is a burden for most of us and no matter how much we pretend to look comfortable but it ends up being bulky and annoying.

Every one of us would love to carry a laptop bag without any of these inconveniences for sure. This makes very significant to decide the parameters which when worked upon result in wonders for you. Several criteria should be kept in mind when selecting your laptop bag:

1) High quality craftsmanship.

2) Looks decent.

3) Can carry the following items easily:

  • Laptop (duh)
  • PDA
  • iPod
  • Umbrella
  • Keys
  • Cables and misc geek goodies that always come with
  • Headphones
  • Enough clothes for an overnight trip

Light weight makes you feel light.
The standard laptop bag that comes with your laptop purchase weighs six to seven pounds empty. A laptop bag’s weight should be a key factor in the purchase decision, particularly for those who travel frequently with their laptop bag, since once loaded up with a laptop and other materials, the laptop bag can quickly exceed 15 pounds. Look for a laptop bag that is about 4 pounds or less.

Water resistance.
This doesn’t mean you can dunk it into a bathtub full of water with your laptop inside, but it will surely keep your laptop dry while running through a thunderstorm.

Comfortable strap.
Some shoulder straps slash into your skin, others leave a red mark, but an ideal shoulder strap should be soft and flexible enough to give a little in just the right spot to be easily carried around.

Additional support wires and cables.
To charm all your nasty but necessary wires and cables that seem to frisk and intermingle every time you stuff them into your bag. They should be kept in controlled environment. You can look into the sides to see what you need, and you don’t have to empty out a whole side to pull out one needed cable.

These are some of the guidelines that you can always keep in mind while purchasing a laptop bag.

So, going back to basics we know everything is not everyone’s cup of tea so here are the three best laptop bags that will definitely fall in your perms and combs.

The biggest ticks are:

Celly Modela Black 12” 13” 15” Laptop Bag. Stylish and informal, offers several internal pockets for you to carry items such as; stationary, documents, CDs, and of course laptop. Your laptop will be securely protected helping prevent those nasty bumps and scratches to your laptop. In addition, the bag has two outer zipped compartments, an inner section for your iPod / MP3 player with a great little hole for you to thread your earphones through.

Crumpler The Boomer—TBM-004. Hyper performance accessory fabric with waterproof ripstop lining, adjustable shoulder strap, well integrated back handle, Prince Charls Protective Seal, large front slip pocket, fully padded separate laptop pouch, internal mesh pocket. Fits 12-inch Laptops.

Celly Meimei Pink. Ultra resistant and with strengthened shoulder strap, this bag offers in addition to the internal sheet, two comfortable pockets with closing zip, useful to bring any kind of accessory. Provided with loop in back side for fasten to travel trolleys.