Making Money with Consignment Shops and Resale

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Making Money with Consignment Shops and Resale

What’s a girl’s solution to a poor economy and closets bulging with too-small clothes and neglected toys?? Clean out those closets and get to consigning, of course!

Don’t worry, this isn’t yard sale clothing either folks! From upscale boutiques that boast only designer labels to huge seasonal children’s consignment sales… this market is HOT and the selection is FIERCE!

Why Consign?
1. The Green Factor: We’re all looking for ways to be less useful. And let’s face it, with clothes (especially Sunday’s best or special occassion), you wear them a few times and then it’s on to something else.

2. You Don’t NEED It Anymore: Sad but true … you will never fit back into that little black BCBG dress and Johnny is sooo over that Cozy Coupe you have collecting dust in the corner of the garage. Make space and pass on those toys and clothes for the next person to enjoy!

3. Individuality: Call it retro, unique, or eclectic. If you are one of those unique and savvy dressers, consignment is perfect. You get access to many seasons of clothing, not just the same ol’ Gap & Old Navy selections everyone else is wearing!

The Bigger Question: How Do You Make Money at It?
1. Learn to let go: Lose the sentimental value and be practical. If you haven’t worn it in a year or little Sally’s favorite smocked dress is looking more like a top, its time to let it go!

2. Price it Right: Yes, you DO want to make money. However, pricing your items too high will just mean that they sit on the shelves. For pricing help, ask your store owner or use some of the valuable resources online:

 * Pricing for Children’s Consignment Sales (Consignment Mommies)
 * Details Pricing for Children’s Clothing (Jelly Beans Consignment Shop)

3. Not All Sales / Shops are Created Equal: Some sales and shops get tons of traffic and great reviews. At other locations, your clothes may sit for weeks without a glance! Ask around for the best sales & shops in your area or use some of these awesome online resources. For children’s clothing, seasonal sales are definitely the way to go. You can get rid of 90 percent of your stuff in just one weekend. For women’s clothing, shops and online seem to be the most effective still.

 * ConsignmentMommies – Super organized directory of seasonal children’s sales with ratings & reviews
 * ConsignmentChic – Small directory of women’s shops, but selective
 * ConsignmentShop.com – Not very pretty, but functional directory of shops

4. Broaden Your Market and Go Online: This is especially true for boutique and designer labels. The best places to sell:

 * Ebay – Perfect for higher end items where the shipping justifies the clothing. You can also sell “lots” or collections of children’s clothing to overcome the shipping issue
 * RuffleSwap – Super cute site for recycling bridesmaid, prom and cocktail dresses
 * ConsignmentChic Online – Higer-end collection of online clothing, bags and jewelry
 * 2Chicks Consignment – High-end women’s clothing, bags and jewelry

Now, close the laptop and get in those closets so you can make room for more cute things!