Master of Illusions: Finding the Best Jeans for Your Butt

by admin

Master of Illusions: Finding the Best Jeans for Your Butt

You know the drill. Pull the jeans on then quickly twist your body around and check out your butt. If it looks good, you’re happy and ready to purchase. If it doesn’t, you’re making a beeline for the leggings department. Instead of getting discouraged, we just need to understand what actually makes a pair work for our particular body type. First clue: It’s all about tricking the eyes.Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for jeans that will make the most of your assets.


First off: If this is you, congratulations. To have a prominent backside could possibly be one of the most desired female physical characteristics. Of course, one downside is finding the right fit; something that fits your booty and your waist. The trick here is to look for 100 percent cotton, or more than 90 percent. Cotton is right for two reasons. One, it’s much stiffer than stretch blends and will help hold everything down and compress your bubble just a bit. Two, the absence of stretch will help eliminate the risk of a sagging waist.  


Because you need to accentuate what little is there, you need to find a pair that has a lot going on in the back pocket area. Anything from heavy embroidery to studs and buttons and flapped pockets are going to work wonders in making your tush stand out.

This butt needs a boost and a high-waisted, slim leg will do just that. The key here is to add lift and length, so stick to a darker wash and steer clear of any embellishments that will break up a long line.

Either you’re 6’2” or you’ve been spending a ton of time on a stair master (or both) and you want to downplay the height of your butt. The easiest way to shorten your length is with a pair of low-rise cropped jeans. Also, look for jeans with whiskering in the thigh area which will help draw attention away from your length and your high hiney. Go a step further by wearing flats.  

To pull the focus to the center and reduce broadness, look for a pair that has back pockets more closely set together. You should also avoid wide-leg jeans, which might make you look wide all the way down. Be sure to also avoid low-rise jeans, or else you could find yourself constantly pulling your shirt down in fear of overexposure.

Making Them Last
To better preserve the details of your new jeans, always turn them inside out before washing and choose line-drying over the dryer. This will not only keep them from fading, but also protect against loss or damage of any of your much-needed threading, buttons, and embellishments.

With these tricks in mind the next time you shop, you will soon be a master of illusion.