Matching Mother & Daughter Tattoo Ideas You’ll Both Love

by Alyssa Priebe

Matching Mother & Daughter Tattoo Ideas You’ll Both Love

There’s shopping and spa days, but now the latest mother-daughter bonding experience is happening in tattoo parlors around the country. Because when you’ve got a relationship like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, there’s no better way to show it than getting matching tattoos.


Childhood Song



If you grew up singing about making each other happy when skies are gray, then this might be the perfect tattoo for you two. Especially if you can make the tattoos like they did at FatBrothers Tattoo.


Make A Wish



Whether you’re paying tribute to your favorite Thanksgiving tradition, or just sharing a special dream this simple tattoo idea from Cassandra Marcoux makes all your mother-daughter wishes come true.


Always And Forever



These matching tattoos from Alicia Baker are perfect for the mother and daughters separated by distance. It only takes one little phrase to remind you your other half will always be there—no matter how far a part you are.


Butterfly Wings



She probably reminds you all the time about how she gave you life—especially when you’re arguing—and though that may be true, she does so much more. This matching tattoo idea from Jasmine P demonstrates a mother’s support perfectly.





Harry Potter is always a good idea. ALWAYS. Especially when you’re channeling his magic into awesome matching family tattoos. Thanks for reminding us Emma Meeks!


Wild Things



Tasha Tyme’s inspiration for this ink came from a book she and her mother always read together—and we adore it. Nothing like reliving childhood memories daily!


Birth Dates And Handwriting



Lori Lakay and her daughter took their mother and daughter tattoos to the next level. Not only did they put each other’s birth dates in Roman Numerals, but they also used each other’s handwriting. The result: beautiful.


Two Peas In A Pod



Alicia Perkins joins our list of the coolest moms. Instead of getting their tats in the same place, she and her daughter chose a special place on their finger and toe—proving you don’t have to match 100 percent to be two peas in a pod.





Cancer sucks, period. But Jessica Lynn and her mother made the best of it by sharing their journey and support. These awesome matching breast cancer tattoos show us all just what it means to be a survivor.


Tiny Hearts



Have we mentioned how obsessed we are with simple tattoos? If not, we’ll say it again—we love them! Especially these tiny hearts from Atenaz72. They may be small, but they make a powerful statement.


Dark And Light



Love—all love—is about accepting all parts of each other. The light and the dark, which is exactly what Lauren Tattooist created for this mother and daughter duo.


Adorable Elephants



There’s only one word to describe Ashley and her mom’s matching tattoos: adorable. Just look at that baby elephant! And the message is beautiful too.


Astrological Pairs



Scorpios and Virgos don’t seem like they’d make a great pair, but when you mix the fiery passion with unending dedication you get a mother-daughter bond (and tattoo) that must have been written in the stars.


Straight To The Point



If you and your mother go for the more straight-forward approach, then you’ll want something like Carole Carey Wassmouth‘s created. Those simple three words that mean everything.


Silent Sign



Sometimes you don’t need to say anything. And when words don’t feel necessary, you can use this tattoo idea from Stephanie Comito to tell your mother exactly how you feel.


Like Mother Like Daughter



UniquINK truly captures the similarities between mother and daughters with these shoulder tattoos. Because let’s face it, growing up is just slowly realizing you’re your mother, and there’s nothing wrong with that.





Our favorite aspect of this matching tattoo idea by Andy Echols is the use of the thumbprints as a heart. It’s absolutely perfect.


I Love You More



Who loves who more is a never-ending argument—but is it even possible to figure out? We don’t think so, and neither did Lauren Pross. It was simply important to share something special with her mother, exactly how it should be.


Pinky Promise



We promise you won’t regret getting a tattoo like Matalea Johnson‘s. Just be sure your fingers aren’t crossed while you’re at the parlor.


Forever You’ll Be



Another children’s book-inspired tattoo, this idea from Danica Hunt says one simple thing: no matter how old you get, your mom will always be just that. And you’ll always be her baby girl.


Blooming Together



There’s something so elegant about these matching tattoos on Ashely C and her mother. Perhaps it’s because baby’s breath stands for everlasting love, or maybe it’s the symbolizing of the words growing and blooming. Either way, it’s a must for any mother-daughter pair.


Ohana Means…



Ohana means family, and family means no one gets inked without the other. Or something like that, right? At least that’s what Jessie Sterling believes. And we aren’t really disagreeing when it looks this good.