Missed Connections’ Love Drawn on Paper

by admin

Missed Connections’ Love Drawn on Paper

Anyone who has tried to find a job, a cord of firewood, a date or a second chance at meeting someone who once crossed their path knows all about the online bulletin board Craigslist.org. Missed Connections is an item under Craigslist’s Personals section that features messages to strangers who recently may have caught your eye or exchanged friendly, flirty words.

Never mind the near-impossibility that the said object of your affection regularly reads the Missed Connections section, would recognize you from the subject heading and would actually reply to your cyber-stalking. At least it’s a great subject for artist Sophie Blackall, who illustrates Missed Connections entries and features them on her blog.

You can purchase her colorful, vibrant prints at Etsy for $40 each. She also is in the process of negotiating a book deal to feature all of her Missed Connections work, according to a Fast Company blog post.

During a phone call with Blackall, who graciously gave us permission to display one of her creations, she said she regularly receives phone calls and e-mail messages from people who actually have connected with a little help from Missed Connections. Go figure.

So the next time you place a personal ad on Craigslist in hopes of attracting that hot brunette who may or may not have made googly eyes at you while reaching for a package of toilet paper, just imagine how the scenario might look immortalized in ink.

By Steve Tanner for Tonic, the “good news” site.