Mixing Prints: Tips from a Stylist on Doing it Right

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Mixing Prints: Tips from a Stylist on Doing it Right

I am a major advocate of mixing prints, a trend that is mega hot for fall. Whether in my house on my sofa or in my personal wardrobe, mixing prints is just a good idea all around. If done right, your chic factor can skyrocket and others will definitely think you just stepped out of a fashion show. But how do you rock the print-on-print trend?

The one rule to keep in mind when mixing prints is to stick to complementary color schemes and patterns. This will keep you from looking like a clown. No one wants to look like a clown. Start with a simple concoction of a striped top and floral bottoms like I did below on the left. I’m thinking a tee and skirt combination is a perfect example of effortless chic.

After you're feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of mixing prints, mix up more vibrant, eclectic patterns, and textures like Olivia Palmero below.  Olivia, in the middle, sticks to the same color scheme in her entire outfit. She mixed up her prints and textures to create an all-around, eye-catching and chic ensemble. 

Once the daredevil comes out, try mixing a fun plaid or checkered trouser with a printed blouse in the same color scheme. Or if you're feeling like a boss at mixing prints, rock an entirely mixed print outfit like LeaAnne did below on the right. A polka dot top, camo-print skinnies, and cheetah-print heels, who would of thought that combo would look so appealing? Trust me, once you start mixing prints you’ll never go back. Mixing prints makes a powerful and ladylike statement that's hard to ignore. Take a risk and practice mixing prints for fall.

Be adventureous and take risks when you mix and match your prints. My greatest advice is to go into your closet and just try things on that you wouldn't of paired together before. 

Here are a few tips when trying things on.

  1. Combine a large print with a smaller print or a dense print with a less dense print.
  2. Offset floral prints with stripes or polka dots.
  3. Cheetah really does go with everything. It's basically a neutral. 
  4. Polka dots and stripes always work together.
  5. Double up on the same print. It looks super put together. 
  6. Gingham prints always serve as a great base layer.
  7. Wear different prints of the same color scheme. They will look made for each other! 
Photos: Olivia Palmero courtesy of Teach/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES and LeaAnne courtesy of Miss LeaAnne
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