Mrs. O Style Criticized by Paranoid Designers

by admin

Mrs. O Style Criticized by Paranoid Designers

The fashion world is in a quite tizzy over Michelle Obama’s decision to not wear well known designers duds. Bearing claws and fangs, designers are ripping her selections worn last week to shreds with their commentary. “How dare the First Lady of the United States wear American designers’ clothes and American brands made right here in the United States,” they are crying loudly. Who does she think she is buying brands that regular folks can pronounce and giving younger designers credibility that would have taken decades to achieve? These questions were being asked online, on talk shows and cable news by designers. Mrs. O has lost her mind, according to the fashion industry experts, because she wears sensible, stylish, chic, and affordable clothes that everyday American women have fallen in love with in spite of the media’s criticism.

Designers’ showrooms clothing racks are bare and showing signs of an economy in despair. The recession has not only hit Wall Street and Main Street, but 57th Street as well. The fashion district is hurting and designers are taking their frustrations out on Mrs. O and the political pundits are reporting their pain with glee.

But to the pundits surprise and dismay, Mrs. O has become an enduring figure in last the few months. Doing good deeds from planting vegetable gardens to reading to inner city kids, Mrs. O does it all while looking stylish at the same time. Mrs. O has admiring fans crashing J Crew’s website daily and giving the world a taste of Nashville by wearing rhinestones before noon. And her shameless display of her fit arms has many pundits joining the NRA in protest. I keep asking why has her fashion style created so much discord among designers and political pundits. When political pundits take up the case for fashion designers and turn their critical lens on Mrs. O’s apparel nightly, you know it is a slow news day.

The “poor me” attitude from designers who have made a living by devaluing American garments and creating a vacuum of sweat shops overseas to sell clothes that are not worth the thread that they are sown with, mirrors the elitists attitude that is prevalent on Wall Street. As the country has become sick of over compensated executives, folks are now showing distaste for designers who can not design on a budget and throwing hissy fits. As for Michelle Obama, she has not wasted her time answering her critics. Instead, she steps out day and night with not a hair out of place.

No matter what your politics, Republican or Democrat, Michelle Obama has shown the world that she is a strong, independent woman. Unlike women who have come into to fame quickly, she has not lost her head and gone diva crazy yet. Her hair stylist for years is by her side and she is still wearing her belts and boots from the campaign trail as if she bought them yesterday. By her own account, she orders online and makes her choices herself when it comes to the clothes she buys.

I think back to Jennifer Hudson who was thrown into that hideous outfit with pockets for the Oscars because the designer and the editor at Vogue wanted her to wear it. What was best for Jennifer and her body type was not the focus, but how much camera time they got for being her stylists seemed to be the priority. When she landed on the worst dress list that year, the same crazy-spray-tanned designers got even more camera time discussing how bad she looked.

Of sound mind and confidence, Mrs. O has proven to us she will not be looking like a train wreck because of a designer with personality disorder. If her outfit is a disaster, she will take credit for it. Mrs. O knows what she likes and knows what compliments her body type. She spends her money and the clothes are not on loan for the ego of a designer or a publication. Change has come to the fashion world if not to Wall Street or Main Street.

Many of the whining designers are the same ones who have perpetuated stereotypes on the runways and in fashion magazines. During my days on the catwalk, I was often told only ONE black model is needed per show. You had to bone thin to be the one or kill off the other models trying out. Funny how the tables have turned since Michelle Obama has become First Lady. Designers, who barely paid attention to diversity among the models strutting in their clothes, are now begging a black woman to please wear their designs. God definitely has a sense of humor.

Thanks to Mrs. O, black models are in demand more than ever. Even broads over forty, like me, are getting work thanks to Mrs. O’s influence. Since that sums up any stimulus I am going to get from her hubby’s administration, I will count my blessings.

Speaking of designers, I would like to promote one of Nashville’s youngest couture designers, Charles Brown of Charles Lord. Mr. Brown is gifted and talented. He has designed a line for Mrs. O that will be shown this fall. American made clothes from a young person raised and educated in Middle Tennessee. Keep your head up Charles, your time is coming.

In the meantime, Charles, I need a head turner to wear for Divas Nashvegas. Please call me.