My Kinda Party: Layered Jewelry

by admin

My Kinda Party: Layered Jewelry

Whoever said layering during the summer is a fashion no-no was suffering from heat stroke. Get-togethers of luxurious layers are rising with the mercury by way of layered necklaces, bracelets, and rings. These jewelry parties aren’t like those hosted by Aunt Betty. Layering has never been hotter.

Stackable silver cuffs, multiple rings, and long necklaces take your look from subtle and simple to rockin’ and ravishing. We aren’t suggesting you don every shiny thing you own. Instead, pair long necklaces with short strands, simple cuffs with chunky bracelets, and elegant rings with textured bands. Here are some of our favorite jewelry picks for layering.

Layer It On Me
One way to call attention to your elegant neck and shoulders is with a statement necklace. But why let one large piece to do all the talking? Gather a few dainty pieces to pair with a bib necklace for an even more powerful message. Layer long necklaces with short pieces to give onlookers a better view of each and every piece. A look we love is a colored bib necklace with long elegant gold or silver chains and a matching gem or two. Match up brightly-colored baubles with a dainty gemmed chain for a look that screams style. 

Rock the (Arm) Party
When you’re stepping out for a night with the gals, your arm is where the party’s at. Bangle bracelets, cuffs, and fashion watches are all invited. This look isn’t solely reserved for the night club; it can also be worn to work. We suggest pairing a simple fashion watch with a few chain-link bracelets and textured bangles for the perfect arm party. 
Adorned Digits
The days of wearing just one large cocktail ring have met their match. No, it’s not another flashy bauble, but rather a collection of dainty rings. The “digit rager” is the latest craze. So, if you’re not into bangles on your wrist, try slivers of gold and silver on your fingers. Delicate and subtle, the low-key flash on your phalanges is just what a successful soiree calls for. Collect slim rings with different textures or a solitary stone for easy twisting and piling. 

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