Namaste, Holiday Shoppers

by admin

Namaste, Holiday Shoppers

It’s time to think outside the gift card. The holidays are stressful, and a $20 Starbucks card just can’t handle all the pressures and obligations—pleasant or otherwise—that come our way this time of year. I’ve put together a few gift ideas that I think will nourish the body and soul of anyone on your list. Happy giving … and Happy Holidays.

Meditation CDs

Unless you’ve been locked in a soundproof booth for the last million years or so, you probably have some idea that meditation is good for you. Maybe you know someone who wants to learn more, but isn’t ready to commit to a ten-day retreat in India. Give them these CDs from Centerpointe Research Institute; they come highly recommended from one of our DivineCaroline staffers, though she does recommend a high-end set of headphones to ensure your brain soaks up all the sound waves. Not a small investment, so hopefully your recipient is someone special.

Be a Buddy

… an exercise buddy, that is. Pair up with a friend who’s got the same interest as you and commit to training together in the New Year. Whether it’s marathon training, yoga, Pilates, or just being able to run a mile without wheezing up a lung, make 2008 your year to Just Do It, as the people at Nike say. Make both you and your friend a cheesy certificate so you have a visual reminder of your mutual goals. And to make the gift more fun to unwrap, treat him or her to some gear: comfy running socks, a yoga mat, or maybe a nice water bottle as a reminder to stay hydrated.


For people like me (hint, hint)—who sit in an office all day and then some—the FitBall is a great gift. Replace your supposedly ergonomic chair with the FitBall and your whole body will sing with relief—especially your back and abs.

Rumi Food for the Soul

When it comes to poetry, Rumi continues to leave me—and billions of others—awed and inspired like no one else. I bought A Year with Rumi: Daily Readings for myself earlier this year, and it’s been my favorite way to end my day and send myself into beautiful dreams ever since.

The Gift of Restful Sleep

I know at least four people off the top of my head who would appreciate some sort of sleep accessory, and I’d bet that you do too. These are my favorites:

The Perfect Pillow

I might be in the minority, but a fancy pillow is the last thing I’d ever spend money on for myself. But I’d love to be the lucky recipient of one of these pillows, made by Tempur-Pedic. They respond to your body’s weight by absorbing it where it’s most comfortable for you, but also staying firm where you need it most.  

Sound Soother

If you’ve got a fitful sleeper on your list, try the Sound Soother. I’d love to fall asleep to crickets in winter in San Francisco.

Dream Journal

Help someone on your list discover the inner workings of their subconscious. Give her a journal beautiful enough to inspire writing down all her kooky dreams she tries to remember every morning at 6:11 am.