Navigating Mother’s Day One Mom at a Time

by admin

Navigating Mother’s Day One Mom at a Time

Whom should you acknowledge and how? Answers to SomeoneSpoilMe readers’ Mother’s Day questions should help you navigate this somewhat tricky holiday.

My Best Friend

Q: My BFF’s baby shower was last month and I bought her an EXTREMELY over-the-top gift. She had a beautiful baby girl, and this is her first official Mother’ s Day. Do I have to buy her another gift?
A: Motherhood’s tough. The girl you used to party with now considers breastfeeding while watching Grey’s Anatomy a wild night. Acknowledging a new mom’s plunge into her first “change of life” experience, especially if she is your best friend, is truly thoughtful. However, this “thought” doesn’t have to be expensive. Send her something sweet and sinful like Picture Cookies with a photo of your BFF’s new family, or if your budget is a little higher opt for the Stamped Multi-Coin Necklace with personalized charms to remind her of her new baby when she’s finally out sipping cocktails with you!

My Step Moms

Q: My father has remarried twice. As a result, I have two stepmothers: one who I love and another who I barely know. How do I acknowledge them appropriately this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank?
A: If you’re suffering from “I have too many parents to please” syndrome, it’s time to think of gifts that are appropriate for your relationship with the individual. Send your new stepmother (who, at this point, is practically a stranger) delicious cookies delicately wrapped from Harvard Sweet Boutique. One of our favorites is the Harvard Sweet Boutique White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. This is a great way to acknowledge the special occasion without having to get too personal. For the stepmother with whom you have a real connection, opt for the Starfish Art Fold Over Notecards that can be personalized with her features and hobbies reminding her of how much you cherish your relationship without going overboard.  

My New Mother-in-Law

Q: I just got married, and now I not only need a killer gift for my own mother but I need something impressive for my new mother-in-law, yikes! While both of them are relatively young and hip, I want to get them different gifts that don’t “compete” with each other. What should I do?
A: As if it’s not enough that you have to keep your husband happy, now you have to keep his mother happy too! If you’re going to go “different” with their gifts, choose things that cater to their personal interests. If your mother-in-law loves her R&R at the end of the day, opt for the Lollia Relax Bubble Bath and Hand Cream Set. These luxurious bath products are something she will definitely appreciate. If your mother is the sentimental type, send the Mother’s Day Photo Album by Picaboo customized especially for her with personal messages and pictures of you and your family. These sweet gifts will let her know that even though you have “another mother” in your life, you’re still her little girl.

My Nanny

Q: As a child, my parents spent more time missing my recitals than attending. My nanny practically raised me and when this time of year rolls around, I always think of her. Is it weird to give her a Mother’s Day gift?
A: In today’s day and age, non-biological mother figures can end up playing a huge role in our lives. Mother’s Day is a day of appreciation well suited for thanking the woman who treated you as one of her own. Show her how much you appreciate everything she’  s done for you with a gift that lets her think of herself (for once!). Pamper her with the Jo Malone Bath Oil Kit or SpaFinder gift certificate both fabulous (and appropriate) gifts for this occasion.