New ‘Legally Blonde’ Merch Will Make You Do The Bend And Snap

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New ‘Legally Blonde’ Merch Will Make You Do The Bend And Snap

Elle Woods is the lady hero of our generation, and now you can finally sport her famous quotes on super cute tees and other pink merch guaranteed to have you winning every part of life.

If you feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life, you might be Elle Woods (or at least a dead ringer). The blonde-haired, perpetually decked out in pink, Legally Blonde protagonist may be the peppiest character we can name at the top of our heads, and she's also easily the most quotable. And now you can rock some of the glamorous, Gemini-vegetarian lawyer's most famous sayings with official Legally Blonde merch from WhoHaHa.

We'd imagine the real Elle Woods is celebrating as much as we are right now! Although not much can compare to getting accepted into Harvard or scoring a super-exclusive law internship, this new fashion collection comes pretty close. WhoHaHa's exclusive collaboration with MGM features a hat, a notebook, a sweatshirt, and a tee sure to make all of your sorority sisters squeal with envy.

Bend And Snap Cap By Legally Blonde, $28

You'll be ready to break it down and grab the attention of the super hot mailman in this baby pink cap.

"What, Like It's Hard?" Embroidered Women's Tee By Legally Blonde, $34

Like getting accepted to Harvard is actually hard, right? At least we all can pretend to be like Elle in this embroidered tee!

"What, Like It's Hard?" Notebook By Legally Blonde, $15

Elle sure does make the law profession look easy, but we imagine it's because she writes very detailed notes in this hot pink notebook (add a fuzzy pen for extra flair like Elle!).

"Whoever Said Orange Was The New Pink, Was Seriously Disturbed" Sweatshirt By Legally Blonde, $38

Although Elle is probably an OITNB fan these days, this light blush sweatshirt is proof Elle will always be loyal to her signature pink hue.

We really hope you don't object to buying every single product because we're bending over backward to get our hands on this entire collection.