No More Fanny Packs

by admin

You’re off for a hike or a run, but where to put your keys, phone, and energy bar? Daily Grommet says to forget that bulky waist bag, and give this sleek little storage belt a try instead. Athlete and entrepreneur Kim Overton came up with the idea after being frustrated by trying to hold her keys in her sports bra while jogging, and designed the SPIbelt, a slim, no-jiggle belt with an expandable carrying pouch for personal items. This clever container morphs from mini-sized to large enough to hold all your essentials and then some.

The SPIbelt stays comfortably secure in place while you’re moving. Use it for athletic events, traveling, concerts, theme parks, trips to the playground, club outings, hiking—or just to keep the bare necessities on hand during times you aren’t carrying a bag. It’s perfect for kids, too, and can be used to hold emergency contact info, money, or any necessary medical items like an inhaler or EpiPen.

Maybe you need handy access to your electrolyte replenishing gels during that ultra-marathon, or maybe you just want to go for a walk unfettered by pockets or purse—either way, the SPIbelt is a no-fuss, no-hands solution for conveniently carrying the stuff you need.

You can buy SPIbelts here at Daily Grommet

Originally published on Daily Grommet