Novelty Sweaters—Back and Quirkier than Ever

by admin

Novelty Sweaters—Back and Quirkier than Ever

As proof that everything really does eventually come back into fashion, graphic novelty sweaters are one of this season’s hottest trends.

Since it’s the ‘10s and not the ‘80s, the new crop of hot knits is less “Frankie Says Relax” and more twee hipster silliness, with a dash of sassmouth thrown in for good measure. Only one thing’s for sure—if you’re wearing a boring, creature- and message-less sweater this fall and winter, you are way behind the times. Get with it in one of these nine finds. 


Cat Eyeglasses Sweater



Not surprisingly, many of the season’s graphic sweaters feature images of cats, kittens, tigers, cougars, and other forms of felinity. Not that we’re complaining. It’s a cat wearing glasses! We just died of a cuteness overdose. (_$99.99 at Modcloth.com_)


Asos sweater



Yes, sometimes it takes only a few words to get your point across. (_$52.77 at Asos.com_)


French Connection Bow Print Sweater



If this was any more feminine and ladylike, it would feature the Zooey Deschanel Seal of Approval, which is a tiny stamp of a ukulele with a moustache. (_$108 at Lord and Taylor_)


“Call Me” Knit



Wear this sweater at your own risk: Strangers will approach you and try to poke you in the breast as they dial random numbers. (_$68 at Nastygal.com_)


Frenchie Sweater



Everyone loves a puppy. Why not wear one on your sweater? (_$98 at J.Crew_)


1-Up Mushroom Pullover



Show off your ‘80s pride, even if you’re too young to have ever actually played a 16-bit video game system in person. (_$19.80 at Forever 21_)


Wildfox Love Skull Sequin Sweater



It’s a skull, but it has hearts for eyes. And it’s sparkly, but there are also threatening bones. Is it precious or hardcore? Ahh, maybe it’s both. (_$178 at Bloomingdale’s_)


Eiffel Tower Sweater



J’adore! So ooh-la-la! Everyone loves French-inflected details. Baguette, fromage, pamplemousse, oui! (_$22.80 at Forever 21_)


Sparkle & Fade Sweater



Look out! Oh, _¬¬phew_, it’s just a cuddly knitted shark, not a voracious toothy one. Thank goodness! (_$69 at Urban Outfitters_)